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2016 Fixtures Week 12 (For Week 13 Fixtures, call or text Cell 0848000844)

Most A full weekend of fixtures at Vygieskraal. Feature games: MGC vs Fish Hoek (15h00) LGC vs Conberg (16h30)

Jul 20, 2016

CHC NEWS 2016 # 10

Mid Season activities at Vygieskraal Saturday 16 July: Mini Division (10h00-11h00), Girls & Boys u/14 (11h00-13h00), Men's Division Trial / Practice Games for MGR, MTC, M5 (13h00-16h00). Week 12 Fixtures (Youth & Seniors) commence Saturday 23 July. All players to be prepared and compliant by NLT Thursday 21 July.

Jul 15, 2016

Eid ul Fitr

Wishing all CHC Muslim members, parents and supporters a blessed Eid Mubarak.

Jul 06, 2016

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